“I absolutely love this program. I haven’t had this much energy since before being on dialysis…I lost 7lbs in the 1st 4 weeks of the program… More stamina and better sex!!! I feel so much better.” Kenny J. 52yrs (Hemo-dialysis 4yrs)

“This program is the best thing that has happened to me since being on dialysis. I was really struggling with depression and after starting the class, I feel more alive. My wife and my son notices the difference in me…I invited my mother and father to come and see how great the class is…I recommend this class to anyone one dialysis.” Otis R. 40yrs (Hemo-dialysis 5yrs)

“I love Better Health and Motivation!..Excited about the class! Audrey M. 46yrs (Hemo-dialysis)

BHFM helped me to not only lose weight but change my lifestyle…Gave me knowledge of why I should eat right and drink plenty of water. The workout program and change in diet has also helped better my kidney function.” Terrence J. 50yrs (polycystic kidney disease)

“I work at my own pace…I have more energy to get around.” Jerry H. 76yrs (Hemodialysis 13yrs)