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To provide the tools to enhance the quality of life and to reinvigorate the mind, body, and spirit of renal failure patients through fitness and motivation.


To be a leader in focusing on the physical health of renal failure patients through fitness and motivation.

Better Health Fitness & Motivation

is a wellness program designed to help patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) or Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) begin the journey toward a better quality of life. This program offers people affected by CKD / RRT a safe, helpful environment to join in physical and motivational activities focused on strengthening the whole person.

A patient with CKD or RRT understands the heavy impact this disease has on your mind, body, and spirit. You want to look better, have more energy, and a better quality of life. But where do you begin?

Better Health = Better Life

How Does the Program Works?

Better Health Fitness & Motivation works together with your nephrologists and dietitian and we focus on the whole person (mind, body, and spirit). The 8 week program meets twice a week for 45 minutes, using traditional and non traditional exercise methods designed to help start and maintain a personal levels fo fitness for a better quality of life. You will focus on:

  • Muscle mass and Strength
  • Energy and Endurance
  • Self-confidence and Body Image
  • Positive impact on quality of life.

You will also learn about wellness, helpful habits, and a personal program will be designed to help you continue to meet your8-week after the 8 week fitness program has ended.

Better Health provides a community to help support relationships with others affected by CKD or RRT to help motivation.

Your Own Pace

Everyone experience CKD or RRT differently. Each has their own challenges and lifestyle goals. You are your only competition. The exercise programs are designed for your own personal abilities. We provide personal attention to help you meet your target areas.

The Need For Better Health Fitness & Motivation

Medical studies have shown that moderate level exercise programs can lower the risk of developing heart disease or stroke. Also, can increase energy levels, improve muscle strenght, boost self-esteem, and physical endurance. A regular exercise program enhances a persons potential for physical activity and improves their overall quality of life.

Frederick Hill

Fred Hill is a pastor, author, personal trainer, motivator and received his certification as a dialysis technichian. He is married with one child. In 2017 he founded Better Health Fitness & Motivation to help patients with renal failure establish better health through fitness (for the body) and motivation (for the mind and spirit).

In the early 90’s he was introduced to exercise and weightlifting and since then, it has always been a part of his life. In 2004, he was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease and in February 2012 began dialysis. It was through God, family and the love of fitness that helped him through this difficult time in his life.

While on dialysis and after the kidney transplant he continued to focus on fitness but because there were no fitness / weightlifting trainers available for dialysis patients in his area Fred used the traditional methods to exercise and lift weights which caused a hernia and tearing of tissue walls in lower abdomen. He quickly found out that some tradition exercises and weightlifting methods does not work for dialysis and or kidney transplant patients.

Since then, Pastor Fred has developed and designed a low to moderate exercise workout program for patients of every stage of renal failure whether (hemo-dialysis, peritoneal dialysis, and kidney transplant patients). He received his kidney transplant in 2015 and continues in holistic wellness and exercise for himself and the dialysis / kidney transplant community.

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Motivational speaking, Exercise sessions, Health and Fitness seminars

Motivational Quotes:

1. Think Better, Do Better, Be Better

2. Better Health = Better Life

3. Dialysis is not your life!!!

4. Change starts with you!!!

5. Today is the day to start a new you!!!

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